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Metallic Bright Gold


Many embroiderers will not attempt to use Metallic Thread. They have been frustrated time and time again with broken threads, broken needles and ruined garments. Finally, Floriani has introduced the perfect metallic embroidery thread designed to be used at high speeds on most machines. The Floriani Premium Metallic Threads are created with a very strong inter core made of polyester. The polyester core is coated with brilliant metallic colors but then it is coated with a special lubricating hardener to prevent the metal from flaking. This special lubricant also allows the Floriani Metallic Thread to flow evenly and without restriction through your machine. Most metallic thread manufacturers will advise users to replace their machine needle with a large eye needle before using their metallic thread, but with Floriani Premium Metallic Thread is not necessary. Use the same needle as used for regular polyester or rayon threads. Floriani Premium Metallic Thread has 880 yards of thread per spool!

"I just had to write and tell you how much I LOVE the Floriani metallic threads!!! I attended a special event here in Tucson, sponsored by Cathey's Sewing & Vac. I have used the Floriani stablilzers and adore them; I wouldn't think of using any other type! I love the look of metallics, but never had any success with them; the thread would break or would shred constantly. When Darlene Pollard explained how these threads were different, and the success she had, I bought the Christmas set. I held my breath, threaded the machine & started to embroider a lace snowflake. I couldn't believe it!! The thread only broke once, and that was only because it caught on a part of my machine. Hoping it wasn't a fluke, I immediately started another one; success again!!! I tell everyone I know who loves to embroider, that Floriana stabilizers are the absolute best; I will now add yout metallic threads to my praises! Thank you so much!!
p.s. Darlene was a delight! She had such a wealth of information & ideas, and was so much fun to listen to!"

Here are a few hints to help make sure your embroidery with Floriani Metallic Threads give you the results you deserve.

  1. Make sure the design you wish to embroider was digitized for metallic thread. You may experience thread breaks if it was not.
  2. Avoid using metallic thread for extremely detailed or dense embroidery such as small lettering.
  3. Most machines will run metallic thread best with less than normal tension settings.
  4. Choose the proper Floriani stabilizer for your weight of fabric and keep in mind metallic threads look their best when embroidered on soft fabrics that are not coarse.
  5. Some machines may need to run metallic threads at a slower speed.
  6.  Be sure to use a fine bobbin thread if possible.
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Model: G26
Manufacturer: RNK Floriani
Metallic Bright Gold
Price: $19.99

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